Monday, April 20, 2009

My First Sem, My First Class

reToday, my first class was with Dr. Siti Fatimah. GGGB5023 Kajian Tindakan dalam Pendidikan. What I learn in today's lecture? Not really something new actually (but I still have to do some assimilation and accomodation of my schemes), i learned it before in research methodology subject when i was an undergrad - only i failed to recall what Prof. Mat Isa lectured about. Hehe... forgive me, Prof. Anyway, Kajian Tindakan or Action Research is different from my research method that i done before because in Action Research, we have to do something (by taking some actions) to mend the problems that we identify. Different from my previous research, which i only used questionnaire to identify factors that created the problem, now i have to administer a set of action or maybe an action that can help in solving the problem. A challenge for me, I think..
Another thing that I concern about this subject is regarding the assisgments. Our first assignment is we have to do a preview (ulasan) of an action research book. And that book must be in English! Maybe not a big problem for me but for some of my friends, this might need them to struggle really hard because they are not familliar with the language. I am not blaming them or looking down on them because i know, even if they might have some probs with the language, I believe they are good in other language.. and trust me, language is easy to learn because every part of the language, esp. English has something to do with our everyday life. So, for my friends, don't give up learning as I am learning to be better too. Together we'll be good in it...
Ahah..the book, guess i have to go to the library and borrow the action research book a.s.a.p because I don't think the library can cater the books to all of us (we are 116 students overall). Planning to go this Wednesday. Hopefully.. Ermmm...